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The Story

Transporting you back in time for a unique shopping experience.

As a young girl my eyes were fine tuned for unique pieces of clothing. 


What began as digging through old boxes in my grandmother's basement in search of bell bottoms evolved into rummaging through my mother's jewelry box for turquoise, and eventually became a way of life of collecting unique pieces as I traveled throughout the United States. 


Each piece was a representation of my eclectic style, as well as a moment in my life.  To my friends and family I was affectionately known as Gypsy (hence the The Born Again Gypsy), and it is now within this space I get to share with you all the places of my soul that make it shine.

With each item of clothing- there is purpose.

How it Began

Clothing + Purpose = BAG

Carrie Freeman

I spent most of my adult life strung out on drugs and homeless- and then I met Jesus on a spring morning in 2015. 

But I'm from a small town and my community had a front row view to my initial downfall.  But when I met Jesus, I was instantly delivered from addiction and in awe of what I had experienced... I NEVER LOOKED BACK. 


I went all in with Jesus, married my childhood sweetheart, and we began building our family together…. The Lord then began to birth in me an idea that had  been buried by my life of drugs and addiction. 


There was a moment in time where I said out loud, “I think it would be really cool to have my own store, with my own style, with some cool jewelry and clothes.”


And that, my friends, is who God is.  He makes dead dreams come to life.


My desire for the store is to be a beacon of hope to anyone that feels as if or has been told that they will never amount to anything.

I want to see them turn away from the lie of, this is who you are and what you’re destined to be.


I want to not only tell you, but show you that anyone can come back from even the darkest of places. 


I have met so many wonderful customers over the last few years,  that I wanted to provide a way for you to shop from the comfort of your own space.


However,  come visit this special space at least once.


❤️ In Him, Through Him,


Carrie  a.k.a. The Born Again Gypsy

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